Etsy SEO Tips

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Why do you need to know some Etsy SEO Tips?

Feeling a bit like a needle in a haystack with your Etsy shop? You’re not alone, with 3.68 reported active sellers on Etsy it can be challenging to stand out and be on the front pages. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in! By tweaking and developing content, visuals, titles, etc, you can dramatically increase your Etsy search visibility.

How Etsy SEO works

Etsy’s search function has two key factors that connect customers with products: query matching and ranking. Query matching is about how well the consumers’ search terms matches up with Etsy’s inventory listings. Once query has matched, Etsy’s SEO then ranks these by 8 score features.

Etsy SEO Top Tips:

 1. Keywords: Your Etsy keywords are so important for the success of your business. Get into your customer’s shoes and search your keywords. Are the products very similar to yours? What’s different? Use this difference to come up with even more relevant keywords.

2. Shop Name: This will be your shop page title so choose wisely! Ensure it’s appropriate, as well as ensuring what you’re selling is easy for consumers to assume. Also make sure your name isn’t too long – snappy titles are always the most popular.

3. Product Photos: Your photos are the only chance to visual present your product to your customers. Ensure these images leave a lasting impression – think about the background, lighting, angle, colour scheme, etc. These images must be of the upmost quality as Etsy SEO shows that images are the most deciding factor for consumers’ purchase. Don’t be afraid to splash out with the photography.

4. Shop Section: The purpose of your shop sections is for consumers’ to explore your products with ease and relevancy. Each section has a unique landing page and title derived from the section name. Utilise this by including your top keywords in your section name.

5. Optimise your Tags: Etsy gives you 13 tags in your product’s description for you to utilise. Focus on long-tail keywords and don’t just copy and paste your existing keywords. Etsy SEO suggests using regional phrases, synonyms, and multi-word phrases when creating tags. These tags can help you better identify your products as well as increase its relevancy on the customer’s Etsy search.

6. Inbound Links: These are links to your store or product from external sites. The best way to build inbound links is by creating a blog outside your Etsy to talk about your passion for your products, advertise them, and increase visibility of your business. Ensure your business is active on social media and share your blog and Etsy shop regularly. Network with other Etsy shops for cross-promotion, ask influencers for reviews in exchange for a free product, reach out to other bloggers and websites about your shop and get them to feature your products.

7. Provide an exceptional customer experience: You want to ensure all your interactions with consumers and potential consumers would be five stars rated. Professional but not uptight, work on your etiquettes, answer their queries (no matter how silly) promptly and informatively.

Process exchanges and returns with humility and quickly. Respond to negative feedback apologising, if necessary, and explaining what you are going to change to ensure this does not happen again.

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