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How does email marketing work?

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing whereby you get your clients to agree to provide their email address, and in exchange, you provide useful information and valuable offers to your clients in relation to your products and services.

It can be an invaluable tool for ensuring that your clients are up-to-date with the latest developments you have made, as well as generally making sure that your customers are aware of important things you need them to know.


Why should I use email marketing?

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that enables you to avoid costs, and focus your time on crafting personalised emails that will reflect the information that people need to/want to know, as well as providing a space that can be used to promote your offers.

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how the sheffield marketing co can help you

Through the use of Mailchimp, we’ll help you to effectively manage and segment your audience, ensuring that you craft emails for each part of your audience, thereby giving them a more personalised feel, so that your clients feel valued and more inclined to continue using your products and services.

Using a client email list provided by you, we’ll tailor your emails to each group within your target demographic. This will help you to increase your engagement rates, by making sure that your emails are always relevant to each of your customers.

Our team is GDPR-trained, meaning that we are able to ensure that each and every email sent is compliant with the latest email marketing laws.

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