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How does marketing training work?

Marketing training and consultancy can range from simple one-on-one conversations about your current offering, whereby marketing professionals help you to understand what you can improve, to group training sessions where an entire marketing team is taught about new techniques and processes that can help them to change the way they approach their day-to-day marketing.

Why should I use marketing training?

Marketing training can help you to iron-out any bad habits your team might have, it could be used to build morale and get your team excited about new ways of doing things, and it can be used as a method of educating team members.

Instead of simply outsourcing tasks and processes, you can instead choose to invest your time and resources into a strategy that will seek to improve the skills and knowledge of your team, which in the long run, is likely to benefit you far more then, for instance, hiring a freelancer or agency, because you are spending time and resources investing in your team.

This could inspire loyalty, trust, and could even boost productivity overall, which in turn will improve your marketing efforts, and therefore, enable you to potentially be more successful in your day-to-day work.

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how the sheffield marketing co can help you

If you aim to keep your marketing in-house (rather than opting to outsource it to marketing agencies or freelancers), we can help you to train your existing staff, so that you’ll have the tools and knowledge necessary to become successful in the field of marketing.


Our prices for marketing training and consultancy are affordable and insightful, and start from just £200 per half-day for a group session. If you’d like to learn more about our pricing, please click below to request a personalised quote.

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