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How does social media management work?

Social media management involves putting together an actionable plan for your content that is published across your respective social media pages. Every platform will require something a little different.

For instance, Facebook and Linkedin are looking for storytellers. They’re looking for an engaging story that will captivate, entertain, or inspire. Other platforms such as Twitter are looking for something more concise. Something quick, punchy, sarcastic, perhaps even risque (depending on your brand’s tone and approach).

The point is, every social media channel requires something different, and this is why you MUST have a plan for approaching that.

Why should I use social media management services?

Social media is an invaluable tool for increasing a brand’s visibility. What’s more, it’s completely FREE to use, and let’s face it, not many things in life are free. So why wouldn’t you make use of such a fantastic tool?

Social media can help you to improve your brand’s awareness within your respective industry, you can learn how to create a buzz for your products and services, as well as figure out how to get people’s attention, with very little effort required on your part.

So what are you waiting for?

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how the sheffield marketing co can help you with social media management

We can help you to devise a social media management strategy that will enable you to create excellent content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and TikTok.

We’ll take over your content creation, schedule content to be released at a later date via a content calendar, and develop approval workflows.

Elsewhere, we will work with your team to create video adverts, and put together content that will look professional, and inspiring. 



We can offer you a package that includes a strong social media strategy, planning and implementation of said strategy, branded images, copy and content creation, and the ability to approve every post before it goes live.

Our price starts from just £300 per month for three months. To learn more about our pricing options and get a personalised quote for you, please click the button below.

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