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strategic marketing for those who need it most

Who are the Sheffield Marketing co?

a marketing agency with an altruistic focus

The Sheffield Marketing Co provides affordable local marketing to small businesses and start-ups who need it most. Those who need marketing to survive don’t have the resources to splurge on a campaign from a faceless agency. 

our services

marketing strategy

All of our clients begin with a free 1 hour marketing strategy meeting. Here we help you to align your marketing strategy to your overarching business goals, and help you to identify your ideal customer, cover a SWOT analysis, and take any learnings through to give you a good idea of what you should be doing in your marketing for the next quarter. Once you’ve done this, we can help you with any of the below:

marketing training


Social Media

graphic design

Web design

web hosting

email marketing

content marketing

Our Values

what we stand for at the sheffield marketing co.

The core values at The Sheffield Marketing Co are:

We build relationships with clients. We become their shoulder to cry on, their first point of emergency. This we value above all else. We become a part of the business family, and they become a part of ours. 

We are passionate about making excellent marketing accessible to small businesses who think they aren’t big enough or important enough for it.

We are always true to our quotes, with free value being given happily where it is advertised, and upfront quotes always honoured to the letter. Pricing is accurately displayed in a public way, so our clients and potential clients alike can always see what to expect.

Just because we are providing accessible and affordable services, doesn’t mean that we need to compromise on excellence. We are results driven and ambitious for the clients we work for. We work with them to define their goals and help work towards them. On certain packages, we offer money-back guarantees if there is no  improvement.

So what are you waiting for?

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